Concrete Services

Make your concrete jump out – in a good way!

There’s no question that when it comes to any major construction project, you want it to start out on a firm foundation. Whether you’re looking at a basic house pad or a concrete foundation, you can trust the experienced professionals at QNB Constructions to do the job right from start to finish!

Remember: there’s no reason to settle for a plain gray concrete patio. A wide variety of stamps are available to make your concrete unique. Combine them with the right stain and your patio can even look like fancy stone or brick work!

New or remodel: we can handle it!

Don’t stress over post construction mess

• Patios
• Sidewalks
• Driveways
• House pads
• Stained concrete
• Decorative concrete
• Stamped and colored concrete
• Concrete foundations

The last thing you want to do after a contractor leaves is clean up. We understand this, and actually we believe it’s pretty unprofessional to leave a mess behind like that. You won’t have to worry because we will clean up the site before we go.


Stronger, better concrete structures

You will find that QNB Constructions understands the needs of you and your customers. Smooth parking lots and ADA approved ramps make a seriously good impression, just the way a busted up parking lot can leave a bad impression, not to mention make it hazardous for your customers to get into the store. With good tilt wall concrete construction, you can rest easy knowing the work will look good and last the test of time.

Commercial remodel or new construction:

• Paving
• Asphalt
• Curbs
• ADA and loading ramps
• Retaining walls
• Tilt walls

Make your concrete stand out with decorative concrete:
• Stamped concrete
• Colored concrete
• Stained concreter service or product

Don’t settle for drab

The worst thing for a business is to just fit into the background. Just because there’s sidewalk doesn’t mean you’re stuck with gray. Think out of the box and ask us about our commercial specials for stamped, colored, and decorative concrete – that will get customers stopping in!

Concrete demolition done right!

While concrete lasts a long time regardless of weather, it will eventually break down just like everything else. Do you have old, cracked concrete that’s taking away from the ambiance of your home or business? Have a driveway that feels like a minefield every time you back in or out?  QNB Constructions concrete services should be your number one source for coming in and demolishing the existing concrete. You can even count on us to haul away the old stuff and even replace it with new, reliable, beautiful long term concrete.

Get rid of that old concrete!

• Excavating and excavations
• Dirt work
• Concrete demolition
• Hauling away
• Worksite cleanup and removal and more!

Why are you waiting even another minute? When you need concrete removed and you need it removed fast, then it is time to call today and get your FREE estimate on any and all concrete work we do!

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